Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Episode Guide (Season 09)

Season 09:

Episode 179: The City Of New York vs. Homer Simpson
Homer and the family travel to New York City to retrieve the family car. The family get to enjoy the nicer side of the city, meanwhile Homer wants to get in and out as fast as he can.

Episode 180: The Principal & The Pauper
A party is held honouring Principal Skinners 20 years as principal, however at the party the real Seymour Skinner arrives.

Episode 181: Lisa's Sax
Homer and Marge recount how Lisa got her saxophone.

Episode 182: Treehouse Of Horror VIII
In 1649 Marge is accused of being a witch. A neutron bomb is launched at Springfield and Bart wants to become Superfly.

Episode 183: The Cartridge Family
Homer purchases a handgun to protect his family.

Episode 184: Bart Star
The kids of Springfield are getting fat so the parents put their children in pee-wee football. Ned quits as coach and leaves Homer in charge. The team then loses every game.

Episode 185: The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons
Just as Apu gets a taste of being a 'ladies man' he is reminded of a commitment for an arranged marriage.

Episode 186: Lisa The Skeptic
Lisa protests the building of a shopping mall on sacred ground. Her protest gives the school the ability to conduct an archaeological dig, which reveals a human skeleton.

Episode 187: Realty Bites
When Marge becomes a real estate agent, she unwittingly sells a house with a murderous past to Ned Flanders. Meanwhile, Homer purchases a souped-up car from a police auction and the former owner breaks the honour system at the Springfield prison to save his car.

Episode 188: Miracle On Evergreen Terrace
Bart sneaks downstairs to open a Christmas present early. Playing with the toy, he burns down their Christmas tree and decides to hide the evidence and say a burglar stole the tree.

Episode 189: All Singing, All Dancing
Homer rents 'Paint Your Wagon' and is put off by all the singing and dancing, especially by the tough guys. The rest of the family reminds him about the many times he and other memmbers of the family and town have broken into song and dance.

Episode 190: Bart Carny
The carnival comes to town and Bart wrecks the main attraction, Hitlers car. To work off the debt, he and Homer become Carnys.

Episode 191: The Joy Of Sect
The Simpsons and most of Springfield are sucked into joining a cult.

Episode 192: Das Bus
Otto takes the school kids on a bus trip. But an accident causes the bus to go over the bridge and get swept out to sea, and they are washed up on a desert island.

Episode 193: The Last Temptation Of Krust
Krusty's act bombs when he appears at a comedy charity event. But he discovers that telling the truth gets him big laughs, and he finds new success.

Episode 194: Dumbbell Indemnity
When Moe goes broke romancing his new love, he enlists Homer in a scheme to collect on an insurance policy.

Episode 195: Lisa the Simpson
Lisa is convinced that she's genetically predisposed to lose her intelligence. Meanwhile, Apu discovers Jasper frozen in his freezer.

Episode 196: This Little Wiggy
Chief Wiggum has a key that opens every door in Springfield. When the key is in Bart's possession, he and Ralph Wiggum spend late nights exploring Springfield.

Episode 197: Simpson Tide
Homer becomes the captain of a Navy submarine. Bart gets his ear pierced.

Episode 198: The Trouble With Trillions
The IRS subjects Homer to an audit, and they agree to let Homer off if he will help the FBI. Instead he helps Mr. Burns escape the country.

Episode 199: Girly Edition
Lisa becomes an anchor for a new news program for kids, with help from Bart, Nelson and Milhouse. Bart's on camera presence gets him upgraded to co-anchor.

Episode 200: Trash Of The Titans
After having a run-in with the garbage men, Homer decides to run for Sanitation Commissioner. His campaign antics include interrupting a U2 concert.

Episode 201: King Of The Hill
When Bart is disappointed with Homer's performance in a game held at the church picnic, Homer begins working out late at night to get in shape.

Episode 202: Lost Our Lisa
With the day off school Bart uses adhesive to glue novelty items to his face. Lisa takes her first solo bus trip to the museum and gets lost on the other side of town.

Episode 203: Natural Born Kissers
Homer and Marge try to spice up their love life by travelling to a bed and breakfast. Meanwhile Bart and Lisa use Grampa's mine detector to discover treasure.